Option 1: Online Speed Solar Sign Up

(For those who want solar asap)


Step 1.
Fill a form and upload electric bill

Within seconds our solar evaluation algorithm will customize and create the perfect solar plan for your home.



Step 2.
Be contacted by one of our reps

One of our solar experts will reach out to you within 24 hours with information about your system as well as the installation date. Yes, it's really that easy.


Option 2: In-Home Appointment

(For those who want to meet face to face)


Step 1.
Contact us or schedule an appointment

Call, email, or fill out a form to schedule an in-home appointment. Or use our handy online appointment scheduler.


Step 2.
Meet in person and get signed up

Our in-home appointments only take an hour or less. After this you'll have your solar panels up and running in no time!



During your free in-home analysis we lead you through the entire process of becoming a solar home so you know exactly what to expect.



Custom Solar Consultation

We like to make sure our customers fully understand their choice to go solar. We take our time presenting your options and make sure you feel comfortable with the selection. Our solar consultants provide a free in-home solar consultation to provide guidance and assure that you're headed in the right direction. At this point we will customize a solar array that is suitable for your home's energy consumption. 

Solar Agreement

For some people the decision to go solar can seem like an overwhelming choice. As a company we like to simplify the process as much as possible. Our solar experts will guide you through the decision to go solar and explain the benefits of each option. That way we will find the choice that makes the most sense for you and your family based on your lifestyle choices and your future plans. The signup process only takes a about a hour. From there it's all on us, meaning no work for you. We'll keep you consistently updated through out the entire process. 


Some customers anticipate a lot of hassle getting solar up and running on their home. With Custom Home Services you can take the back seat and let us handle it. We double check our design plans with site surveys on your home, handle all permitting needs, as well as HOA documentation. Not to mention our incredibly fast installation process only takes three to four hours. There is no need to stress about a "major project". We make it as seamless and effortless as possible.


After Installation

After our certified installation partners have completed your solar installation, we will communicate with your utility company to ensure your system is inspected and ready for operation. At this point you can begin to use your solar to make your life more comfortable, and of course, enjoy the savings of clean energy!

Our Solar Partnership

Whether you make the decision to lease your system, finance, or purchase outright, we will be there to facilitate any issue you may encounter. As rarely as these problems occur, we and our partners will be there to assist with any issue you may have. Please feel free to contact your dedicated solar consultant to help facilitate these issues. Also, ask us how to make some extra cash through our referral program! We would love for you to share your positive experience with your friends and family, so we may assist them in their energy needs as well!





We believe that, together, we can create a planet run by the sun. Let’s power forward.



Our rich, 30-year history of innovation, integration and policy leadership sets SunPower apart as a trusted partner.



Together, we make solar an investment – not just another monthly expense.


Not all solar companies are alike. In fact, we think we're unlike any other solar installer out there. We're a locally owned, family-run business that's been around for over 40 years.