Are you considering a solar installation, but you’re worried about solar panel cost? Recent manufacturing and technological advances have significantly increased the amount homeowners can save with solar.

Custom Home Services, a Phoenix-based solar installation company, uses the latest solar cell technology to optimize your home solar power installation. Our partnerships with solar equipment manufacturers like SunPower mean that we can bring you the most innovative solar cell technology, at a fraction of the typical solar panel cost.


Tax Incentives Reduce Solar Panel Cost in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, & Phoenix

As awareness about the importance of clean, renewable energy sources grows, municipal, state, and federal governments are encouraging homeowners to generate their own renewable energy. Through the end of 2019, you can get a 30% federal solar energy tax credit if you purchase your own solar installation from Custom Home Services, with a 26% tax credit in 2020, and a 22% federal tax credit in 2021

The Arizona state government also advocates solar power, with a $1,000 state tax credit for homeowners who buy a household solar installation. This makes the solar panels for sale from Custom Home Services even more affordable!


Net Metering: Turning Solar Panel Cost into Profit in the Greater Phoenix Area

Net metering, supported by Arizona utility companies, has two distinct advantages for Phoenix-area homeowners: First of all, it compares the amount of solar power you produce during the day to what you use “on the grid,” so your daytime solar power generation offsets any power you get from conventional sources at night. Secondly, net metering lets you sell back any excess solar power you produce to the utility company. So, if you create more power than your household needs through your home solar installation, it doesn’t go to waste—you actually make money through net metering credits!

And, if you choose to purchase your solar installation rather than leasing it through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you may be eligible to receive net metering credits on your taxes.


Solar Installation: A Smart Investment in Glendale, Scottsdale, & Goodyear

Did you know that in Arizona, only swimming pools are a more sought-after home feature than solar panels? When you get a home solar installation from Custom Home Services, you’re increasing your home’s market value and desirability. And, since a quality solar installation can last for 30 to 35 years, you could get a significant return on your original investment if you choose to sell your home in the next couple of decades. That’s good news for forward-thinking homeowners in Scottsdale, Glendale, & Goodyear.


Solar Financing: A Bright Idea for Phoenix, Gilbert, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Glendale, Chandler, & Mesa

Custom Home Services has more than just solar panels for sale. Thanks to our partnership with Dividend, a leading solar financing company, we can supply our customers in Sun Valley with an array of financing choices. From no-money-down plans with low, fixed rates to an arrangement that finances the solar panel cost along with the price of solar power storage, Custom Home Services can offer you flexible financing for your home solar installation. Call us today at (480) 504-6700 for a free consultation.